Tuesday, 8 April 2014

At last a bit of sunshine!

At last a bit of sunshine, i thought i would get some migrants today (not many). A single willow warbler at hedley hall woods and a text from george who had a common sandpiper at shibdon and a wheatear on burdon moor were the only migrants about. Willow warbler was my only year tick with common sand also new for Gateshead. A text from the dragonhunter said red-tailed hawk over my garden! oops i forgot to mention i had what i thought was a pale morph buzzard at the bottom of his street yesterday when i drove past, i jumped out of the van and got a few shots before it drifted off and forgot to download my photos when i got in :/ at least the dragonhunter sorted it out for me ;) cheers dragonhunter ;) nice one. here is a few shots from today.

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